NMA's Safety Initiatives

As part of the mining community's on-going effort to further improve health and safety at the nation's underground and surface mines through greater safety awareness, improved training and advanced technology, NMA has launched a series of safety initiatives aimed at reducing accidents and fatalities associated with unsafe behavior and practices at mining facilities. Follow the links below to order complimentary videos, posters and hardhat stickers to help NMA spread awareness of these safety measures any mining facility can follow.

Drive Safe, Arrive Safe

Safety First, Stay Alert

Stay Away, Stay Alive

Hands-on for Safety

NMA has also developed a Crisis Communications Template and a Mine Rescue Handbook. The template provides guidance on how operations can better prepare to meet communications challenges and effective communications during a crisis situation. The format allows users to customize the template to meet their needs and policies. The handbook serves as a guide for those developing mine rescue protocols and procedures as well as a review tool for those who have established procedures in place.

Crisis Communications Template
(Word file)

Mine Rescue Handbook